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  • 2012

    ÁSTER award for Best Business Career from the ESIC Business & Marketing School.

    The Blood Transfusion Centre’s distinctions for the best blood drive donors.

    The Spanish Environment Club Medal. Acknowledging that Atlantic Copper is committed to the environment while fostering economic and social progress in its community.
  • 2009

    SAFA-FUNCADIA Study Centre’s education community award for corporate contribution.
  • 2004

    Doñana Sustainable Enterprise Award from the Doñana 21 Foundation, in the Large Enterprise Category.
  • 2002

    Business Owner of the Year Award, from the Huelva Business Federation (FOE).
  • 2001

    Honorable Mention for Best Practices in Process Management, at the Second Edition of the Andalusian Awards for Excellence in Business, given by the Andalusian Regional Department of Labor and Technological Development.
  • 1999

    Business Owner of the Year Award in the Environment, Energy Savings and New Technologies category, from the Huelva Business Federation (FOE).

    Business and Environment Awards organized by Arthur Andersen and Expansión. Honorable Mention for the best overall activities of an enterprise in connection with the environment.