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The Atlantic Copper Foundation embodies the reaffirmation of the commitment the company shouldered in 1970 when it set up shop in Huelva. The foundation is another step in uniting Atlantic Copper with society, because it is a well-aimed, effective tool for starting up and managing initiatives that foster good relations between Atlantic Copper and its neighbors.

More than 30,000 people have benefited from or participated in projects led or funded by our foundation.


When it started in 2009 as a not-for-profit organization, the Atlantic Copper Foundation was the natural continuation of four decades of social engagement on the part of the company. The foundation took on the task of managing and coordinating Atlantic Copper’s external social responsibility activities and making them ever stronger and more numerous, always seeking to address the goals laid out in the foundation’s charter.

The project areas the foundation deals with are: education and training, social projects, sport, culture and environment.

The Atlantic Copper Foundation engages in dialogue with all the citizens and organizations that apply to it for financial aid or other types of assistance in order to pursue goals that the foundation shares. This dialogue takes the form of direct contact with applicants’ steering authorities.

Initiatives are approved by the foundation’s Board of Governors, whose members include representatives from the Huelva City Council, the Provincial Council of Huelva, the Council of Andalucía, the University of Huelva and the Huelva Port Authority. Once an initiative gets the green light, the Atlantic Copper Foundation assigns funds contributed by its founder, Atlantic Copper, which has disbursed over two million euros since the foundation was chartered in 2009.

Acto de presentación de la 'Escuela de exploradores' del Paraje Natural Marismas de Odiel, patrocinado por la Fundación Atlantic Copper.


Jesus Contreras, Presidente de la Fundación Atlantic Copper con Ángela Millán Fernández, ganadora de la Segunda Edición de Hablando en Cobre.


Publicidad del Concurso de Relato Corto 'Hablando en cobre'


Colaboración con el festival de Fotografía 'Latitudes'


Publicidad del Concurso de Fotografía 'enCuadre'


Ganadora del Concurso de Fotografía 'enCuadre', en el acto de entrega del Premio.


Publicidad del Programa de Becas a Estudiantes de la Universidad de Huelva, de la Fundación Atlantic Copper


Acto de entrega de las becas a los universitarios



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