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We base our social behavior on an open, transparent commitment to our internal and external stakeholders, so as to demonstrate that we honor our commitments.

Atlantic Copper provides direct employment to about 1,000 people. Half of them are on Atlantic Copper’s own payroll, and the other half working for contractors that provide services at Atlantic Copper’s facilities on a daily basis. The direct, indirect and induced employment generated by Atlantic Copper is estimated at nearly 3,000 jobs.


A large number of firms are regular suppliers of goods and services for Atlantic Copper, and most of them are local companies, so Atlantic Copper is playing a significanat role in keeping the local business fabric strong and active.

Atlantic Copper believes in doing business only with suppliers who demonstrate the highest standards of ethical business conduct as described in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Relations with the local community are a priority, built on the foundations of committing to worthwhile goals, getting along together and being good neighbors. We constantly cooperate with the local government in ways that go beyond mere permits, red tape and supervisory matters. There is real, steady dialogue between Atlantic Copper and government authorities, with the goal of starting up initiatives that have a direct effect on the society in which we live.

Atlantic Copper has woven solid ties with associations, agencies, organizations and people from every walk of life in Huelva by cooperating with them in projects to help further education, social issues, healthcare, culture, sport and the environment.

In 2009 we created the Atlantic Copper Foundation to channel all our corporate social responsibility activities. The foundation has since become a landmark of Huelva social life.

Since 2013 Atlantic Copper has been a member of the Society and Responsible Enterprise (Sociedad y Empresa Responsable, or SERES) Foundation SERES.

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