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Employee Benefits

Our employee benefit policy plays a fundamental role in human resource management at Atlantic Copper. Our leading employee benefits are stated in our collective bargaining agreement and outlined in our Equality Plan.

Our employees are the company’s strongest asset, so making it easier for them to perform at work and reconcile their work and family life are top-priority objectives.


The company has conducted a great many initiatives aimed in this direction, some of which have been in place for many years, with new initiatives added in response to new needs.

For example, there is a company dining hall, where 95% of the cost of meals is subsidized; financial aid is available for all stages of the official educational system, including language schools, for employees and their children; there is medical insurance and life insurance for the entire workforce; and employees’ children take priority in student internships.

Under the Equality Plan and its efforts to reconcile work and family, the company has taken several measures, such as facilitating total flexibility for working mothers, and the company has increased the amount of maternity leave for its employees by two weeks beyond what is called for by legislation.

Employees in certain jobs have access to flexible working hours, so they can adjust when they have to report to work, to enable them to attend to their family needs.

Our most recent contribution is the Family Plan, launched in partnership with the ADECCO Foundation. This program gives the disabled children and spouses of employees support in the form of personalized accompaniment, thus providing families with the best resources for their members’ development and integration into society and the job market.

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