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Curious Copper Facts

A Cook’s Dream

Copper cooking utensils are the prized possession of chefs all over the world. Copper utensils transfer heat better than any other material used in cooking, and because they transmit heat evenly, they provide a uniform surface temperature free of hot spots.

Olla de cobre.

Tres jarras de cerveza.

Useful for brewing beer

Copper is an ideal material for the kettles used in beer brewing.

Healthy Diet

Copper is essential for a healthy diet. Chocolate is a copper-rich food!


Great Conductor of Electricity

Copper is one of the best materials there is for carrying electricity from one point to another. That is why it is used in a vast number of applications, like telecommunications equipment, home systems and industrial facilities.

Electrical Conductivity graphic.

Present in All Kinds of Means of Transport

Copper and copper alloys can be found in all means of transport—cars, lorries, buses, trains, ships and planes. For instance, if all the copper in a new electric car’s motor, battery, wires and other components is added up, it may total as much as 33 kilograms.

Un condensador

Trocitos de oro.

Present in 24k gold

Gold is so soft you can bend it in your hands, so a little bit of copper is added for greater convenience in handling. Even twenty-four-karat gold contains some copper.

Manilla de una puerta de cobre.

Effective Antiseptic

Copper’s medicinal properties have been known since Ancient Greece and Rome. Today it has been scientifically proved that copper combats infection. That is why it is being used more and more in hospitals as an aid to reduce contagion, especially in things that come constantly into contact with people, like doorknobs.

Copper Chemistry

Copper’s symbol is Cu, and its atomic mass is 63,546 g/mol.

Estructura molecular.

Beautiful and Decorative

Thanks to its colour, shine, attractive appearance and easy shaping, copper has become very popular in arts, crafts and jewellery making, even in decorative items for the home. Copper gives a lovely sense of warmth.

Decoración con cobre.


Data Transmitter

Copper wire is the number-one choice for computer systems, because it is an excellent data transmitter. That is why copper wire is used so frequently to carry reliable telephone, Internet and digital TV signals to homes and offices.

The Best Transmitter of Heat

Copper is the best conductor of heat of all metals after silver, and this property explains 50% of its use. Copper enhances energy efficiency, and it can be used to optimise product life.

Thermal Conductivity.

Simbolo egipcio

High-Profile Hieroglyph

The Egyptians used the ankh as the symbol for copper in their system of hieroglyphs. The ankh also represented eternal life.

Hilo de cobre.

Mouldable and Versatile

Copper is very easy to work and can be moulded into almost any shape to make cost-effective products for industrial applications and end consumers alike.

Used in Coining Since the Dawn of Civilisation

The European Union’s coins contain copper.

Monedas de euro.

Unlimited Recycling

Copper can be recycled again and again without losing any of its properties. That is why it has the longest recycling history of any of the materials known to civilisation. It is estimated that 80% of all the copper mined in the last 10,000 years is still in use.

Símbolo del reciclaje.


Cleaner, More Effective Surgical Materials

When a layer of copper is applied to a surgeon’s scalpel, the copper can conduct electricity to heat the blade, for automatic cauterisation as it cuts.

Varios utensilios antiguos hechos de cobre.

Useful from Prehistory to Today

Copper was one of the first metals prehistoric human beings used, and even today it is the metal with the third-highest demand in the world.

Symbol of the USA

The Statue of Liberty in New York is sheathed in more than 80 tons of copper..

Estatua de la libertad.

Attractive and Long-Lasting

Copper and copper alloys resist cracking and wear, in addition to being long-lasting, good-looking materials. That is why many architects and designers choose copper again and again in their buildings and creations.

Construcciones hechas con bloques de cobre.

Varios smartphones.

Copper in Your Smartphone

A mobile phone contains 14 grams of copper.

Un aerogenerador.

When products containing copper are no longer useful, the recycling industry picks them up and salvages the copper for reuse. So, it is economical and sustainable to use copper. Copper plays a vital role in renewable energy, and it is used in a vast range of businesses, like fish farming.

Photographs courtesy of the European Copper Institute